Pinklao marble_collage

Pinklao Marble and Granite Headquarters

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Client: Watchara Pruksananont
Year: 2015-2018
Status: Construction
Program: Showroom, Office, Residential / 600m²
Role: Architect
Photographer: Ketsiree Wongwan

Pinklao Marble and Granite Headquarters was designed to express the simplicity and solidness of stone among the chaotic surrounding context. The architectural form and programs of this building were configurated responding to the surroundings and the corporate identity. The visual angles from multi-directional streets and infrastructure; expressways, footpaths, bus stops, and motorcycle taxi parkings, define the stacked up masses to create visual impact.

The arrangement of the architectural programs not only interacts with the surrounding environment, but also concerns about the hierarchy of user privacy. As a result, the stacking solid mass contains private programs of the office and the residential area, meanwhile the transparent mass serves public program of the double-height exhibition space. The mass layers of the solid facades also play a role in mitigating noise and visual pollutions. The stone installation techniques are exhibited as the major architectural elements. Also, the stone slabs and stone processing machines are the protagonists introducing new approach, experience and imagination of using marble and granite.

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07 Inner Courtyard.jpg
08 Kitchen.jpg
09 Living.jpg

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